unknown Exhibition of Sculpture & Photographs
28 Jul08:00 AM
Lionel Wendt Ar
unknown Exhibition of Paintings
28 Jul08:00 AM
Harold Peiris A
unknown Geoffrey Bawa Memorial Lecture 2017
28 Jul06:30 PM
Sri Lanka Found
unknown Drama - Cinderella
28 Jul07:30 PM
Lionel Wendt Th
unknown Art Exhibition
29 Jul08:00 AM
JDA Perera Gall
unknown සෞභාග්‍යා 2017
29 Jul08:30 AM
unknown MS Excel on Advanced Data Analysis
29 Jul09:00 AM
The Kingsbury C
unknown Negombo - CSE Investor Forum
29 Jul11:30 AM
Hotel Grandeeza
unknown චරිත අටක් නාට්‍යය
29 Jul03:00 PM
unknown මහනුවර දළදා පෙරහැර (කුඹල්)
29 Jul06:00 PM
unknown Street Food Festival
29 Jul06:00 PM
Hospital Street
unknown චරිත අටක් නාට්‍යය
29 Jul06:00 PM
unknown කිරිල්ලියෝ
29 Jul07:00 PM
unknown Drama - Freddy Stand Up
30 Jul06:00 PM
Hilton Colombo
unknown Marians Unplugged - Live in Concert
30 Jul06:30 PM
Bishop`s Colleg
unknown Drama Workshops with Tracy Holsinger
01 Aug03:00 PM
Wendy Whatmore
unknown Calculating Carbon Footprint
02 Aug08:00 AM
Paramount Reali
unknown Marketing Seminar
02 Aug09:00 AM
Hotel Taj Samud
unknown TMC - Mind Mapping for Business
02 Aug05:30 PM
Galadari Hotel,
unknown මහනුවර දළදා පෙරහැර (රන්දෝලි )
03 Aug06:00 PM
unknown Pro Food - Pro Pack
04 Aug10:00 AM